ARC Specialties Introduces SnapCut

Houston, Texas based ARC Specialties sent waves through the cobot world when it released SnapWeld – the first cobot-ready automated welding solutions on the market.  Increasing on the success of that product, ARC now has a plasma-cutter version called SnapCut.  SnapCut’s product page notes that the Hypertherm cutting torch is designed to easily cut shapes and paths into three-dimensional structural steel components and other steel components.  Just like SnapWeld, only a few points need to be taught to the cobot in order to start your next plasma cut.

Flexibility is the big selling point for SnapCut according to The Robot Report’s interview with ARC Vice President John Martin in their article about Fabtech 2018.  Martin notes that SnapCut “allows metal fabricators to deploy UR cobots to cut non-standard positions on-location with near plasma table quality.”  These specialty cases would normally have to be done by hand on site.  As with most manual cutting or torching operations, work by hand opens up greater potential for error through operator mistakes, poor operating conditions, and more.  Utilizing a cobot to make these modifications significantly reduces the chance for error while cutting large steel parts.

SnapCut is currently under review for addition to Universal Robots’ Universal Robots Plus program – a one-stop marketplace for products certified to work with UR cobots with simple installation and simple operation.  From grippers and other end effectors to vision systems and other accessories, UR Plus eliminates the guesswork for both robot owners and systems integrators when designing an automation project.  Robot27 uses many UR Plus products in its automation solutions.