Robot27 Visits Automate in Chicago

Part of Robot27’s mission to provide the best service possible includes staying informed on the latest trends in automation.  Visiting trade shows around the country is one of the best ways to do that.  In April, Robot27 paid a visit to the Automate show in Chicago at McCormick Place – one of the industry’s largest gatherings of the year.

It was evident right from the start that Universal Robots continues to lead the collaborative robot industry.  More than 85 UR cobots operated in the booths of more than 40 vendors during the show.  From part handling and assembly to palletizing and packing, UR cobots showed their flexibility all across the floor.

UR’s dominant presence at Automate is greatly due to the success of the Universal Robots+ program.  As a one-stop-showcase for UR-certified cobot accessories, UR+ takes the guesswork out of automation.  One of the greatest frustrations for any manufacturer is ordering products that come with poor instructions.  Many products take hours to set up and perhaps days or weeks to fine tune and get working.  Others require calling a vendor technician or company representative to sort out the installation kinks.  UR+ shows off products with easy-to-follow instructions and control interfaces integrated directly into UR cobots.  Of the booths with UR cobots, 20 were developers of UR+ products and many, many more used UR+ products to perform tasks.