Collaborative Robots Are Getting More Competitive

As one of the fastest-growing segments in the automation world, the Robotic Industries Association points out that collaborative robots are getting smarter to stay competitive.  Traditionally, heavy industrial tasks have been handled by robots surrounded by safety cages, complex guarding, or other space-wasting items.  With recent developments in the collaborative robot field, however, “the line between industrial robot tasks and collaborative robot tasks are beginning to blur” according to the article.

For example, Universal Robots have broken into the welding industry with an innovative system called SnapWeld detailed in this article on our website.  Most automated welding solutions are large, expensive, and require an immense amount of protective guarding to keep them safe around humans.  With the recent advances in cobot technology, UR provides a more cost-effective solution for both long- and short-run welding projects without the need for excessive guarding due to the robot’s integrated safety systems.  Other industrial applications being tackled by the latest generation of cobots include CNC tending, finished good assembly, and more.