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Automated Robotic Label Print & Apply and Print & Insert
for variable box size shipping

Eliminate the errors, inefficiencies and wasted costs associated with applying carton and shipping labels to high volume packages

Robot27 offers automated robotic labeling systems for manufacturing and distribution companies to ensure food, pharmaceutical and other consumer and industrial products are correctly and compliantly labeled. With a deep understanding of two distinct areas – Industrial Barcode Printing and Robotics – an innovative new category, Robotic Printer Applicators is being introduce

The majority of legacy label printer applicators are installed in manufacturing and distribution/3PL verticals. Both industries face similar challenges with legacy LPAs such as mis-labeling due to out-of-sync conditions. Each vertical has unique problems with the legacy technology of LPAs.

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The right barcode labels are placed on the right products, packages and pallets each time—and in the correct orientation on the conveyor.


Ensuring that every product, carton and pallet produced is properly marked is critical to moving products through the supply chain. Labeling errors and downtime have a direct impact on revenue recognition.

Successful operators manage their margins closely. The errors, inefficiencies and wasted costs associated with applying carton and shipping labels to high volume package operations are enough to separate the winners from the losers in this highly competitive industry.


Barcode labels are critical to the timely and orderly flow of products through the supply chain. In order to know what each product is and where it needs to go to next, the right barcode labels have to be applied to the correct products, packages and pallets.

Our solutions are focused towards the manufacturing and distribution/3PL verticals. Within each vertical there are multiple applications based on the level of packaging.

We have designed these solution blueprints for our customers and system integrator partners so they have the confidence of knowing that these solutions are fully supported and replicable in their operations.

Our solutions are focused towards the manufacturing and distribution/3PL verticals

How it works

The Dynamic Label Placement solution uses the RPA, a conveyor, sensors, a barcode reader and a 3D profiler to accurately place carton and shipping labels on products and packages. We have configured the Datalogic DM3610 system as the 3D profiler in the solution.

The barcode scanner reads the order number off the carton or package and sends this to the enterprise system to look-up the customer ship data and generate the barcode print data stream. The 3D profiler determines the dimensions of the carton or package, as well as its placement and orientation on the conveyor. This data is sent to the app where it is combined with the data to print the barcode label. The combined data is sent from the app to the printer and robot.

This single data path ensures that the right label is placed on the right package.

Print and Insert Solution

Using a similar robot setup, we are able to print packing slips and other documents for shipping, fold them and precisely insert them into the open box.  The box is then run through the Tape Sealer module and on to the Dynamic Label Placement module.