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Material dispensing with ease.

Take the headache out of material dispensing with our new line up of precision material dispensing end effectors for robots. Three models enable you to dispense a wide variety of products in varying quantities, from 3 cc/mL syringes to 1,500 mL bulk cartridges.  Each model comes with everything you need to quickly and easily set up your robot for dispensing.

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Dispense Syringe is designed for single-part syringes from 3 to 55 cc/mL.  Its size and tip are ideal for applications requiring small dots or beads utilizing low to medium viscosity materials.  Vacuum retraction minimizes contamination from dripping.


Single Cartridge

Dispense Single Cartridge makes dispensing from 300mL cartridges a snap.  When larger volumes of material need to be dispensed, Single Cartridge is the right product for you.


Dual Cartridge

Need to dispense two-part materials?  No problem with Dispense Dual Cartridge!  The dual-rod actuation system is designed for 50ml – 1,500ml cartridges and can dispense ratios of 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1.

Details – Syringe

Cartridge Type/Size
3-55 cc/mL

Payload (w/o cartridge)
0.15 kg

Ideal to Dispense
UV cures
Conformal coatings
Conductive adhesives

Details – Single Cartridge

Cartridge Type/Size
300 mL

Payload (w/o cartridge)
1.0 kg

Ideal to Dispense
Pre-mixed epoxies

Details – Dual Cartridge

Cartridge Type/Size
50-1,500 mL

Payload (w/o cartridge)
0.8 kg

Ideal to Dispense

Additional Information

Robot Compatibility: Universal Robots CB3 3.11.0+, e-Series 5.5.1+ (other brands in development)
Incoming Air Supply: 85 psi clean, dry air
Electrical: 24v from Robot Controller
Ideal Viscosity: Low-Medium
Dispense Pressure: 10-85 psi