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Lower the risk of lost production time and protect your employees’ health

Take a proactive step to help protect your company and your workforce.

Body Temperature Inspection Systems are ideal for screening employees and visitors at the entrances of commercial businesses. In today’s ever-changing environment, it is imperative to protect the health of your employees and the productivity of your company by singling out those at risk to efficiently contain contagion.

The bi-spectral system camera contains both a thermal and visible camera in the same rugged, light-weight housing. Operating with a response time of 30ms, it monitors both visual and thermal images in real time, identifying the body temperatures of up to 16 people per second. The camera may be used in stand-alone operation with a PC or as a networkable system via Ethernet cable.

This unique system creates a boxlike border around the head of a person and automatically tags the person’s associated temperature. The BR-BTIS400-K0 system works discreetly. The software singles out individuals whose skin temperatures exceed a pre-determined value set by the user or operator.  Images of individuals exceeding these thresholds are displayed to the operator so that those potential virus carriers may be safely and discretely removed from public areas.

Body Temperature Inspection Systems
Body Temperature Inspection Systems

Robot27 is on the front line of helping companies improve productivity and stay competitive by introducing automation solutions which increase production accuracy and automate tasks that put your team members at risk.

This Thermal Imaging System helps keep your production line, employees, and bottom line healthy.  Businesses with large shift changes or large volumes of visitors can particularly benefit from this solution.

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Body Temperature Inspection Systems

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