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The First Plug and Play Operator Interface for Universal Robots

A simple, safe, full-featured interface for day-to-day machine operators

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A user-friendly graphical interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate

The graphical interface helps operator pick the correct the program

Reduces errors by allowing the operator to choose the part/program through a graphical interface as well as a barcode reader.

The operator can set parameters for the program up front

How many pieces, length, width, or any other needed variables can be set by the operator before the run.

The display shows errors for the operator to easily clear

Programmers define error messages and pop-ups in their UR programs, which will display in Operator during robot operation for users.

The operator can see and clear a protective stop with ease

Operator can display when the UR robot goes into protective stop, and the user is able to clear the error from the interface.

Operator HMI separates programming and operators

The system is easy-to-use, and works with any Universal Robot. The operator never touches the teach pendant.

No Programming Knowledge Required for Operators
Robot27 Operator Interface provides machine operators with an easy-to-use screen that allows them to execute various pre-defined robot programs and functions without ever touching the teach pendant. There is no danger of a program modification by accident.

Supports two-way communication between the robot and HMI
The Operator Interface allows any necessary program parameters to be passed to the robot. How Many Pieces, Length, Width, or any other needed variables can be set by the operator before the run.

Ideal for short-run, high-mix operations
Hundreds of programs for different parts, different clients, or different projects can be easily cataloged by Client, Job, or project. Operators can choose a program by part number, but a drawing or photo can be added on each program for visual verification that the right program was selected. Special operator instructions can be added for each individual program.

User-friendly Interface
The system is equipped with a user-friendly graphical interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it ideal for operators of all skill levels.

Works with any Universal Robot
The Robot27 Operator Interface is designed to work seamlessly, right out of the box, with minimal setup. It will allow operators to easily access and run various pre-programmed tasks with just a few clicks, without touching the teach pendant

Truly Plug and Play
The PnP nature of the Operator Interface will allow in-house robot programmers to easily set up various options for the Operator, such as adding and removing programs and parameters.


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