Aluminum Extrusion Made Quick and Easy With Vention

If you’re tired of waiting week or months to have your aluminum extrusions or custom equipment delivered, Vention is the new company you need to know about.  Thousands of miles of aluminum extrusion are in use every day in manufacturing spaces all over the country.  Vention changes designing and delivering these solutions from a multiple-month ordeal into a few day success story.

Traditional aluminum extrusion suppliers have large lengths in stock which have to be cut down on the factory floor by your workers which is time consuming and tedious.  When custom cut lengths can be ordered, these pieces can often have multi-week lead times.  Design in a CAD/CAM program can take days due to tedious calculations and interface limitations.  Vention changes all of this.  With a warehouse full of pre-cut extrusion lengths, plus all of the fasteners, supports, and attachments you need, Vention is able to ship most designs within 24 hours of receiving an order.  Their easy-to-use cloud-based design interface reduces design time to a fraction of traditional CAD/CAM modeling.  Vention has really done their homework on assembly, too – many of its fasteners are optimized to limit the frustrations faced by workers with other extrusions on the market today.  This revolutionary company is changing the way manufacturing views aluminum extrusion.

With a recently completed $17 Million capital investment campaign from Bain Capital, Vention has significantly expanded their product offerings.  In addition to a host of new fasteners, extrusions, and interface improvements, Vention now offers actuators, motors, and logic controllers as part of their framework.  This allows manufacturers to design custom equipment for their workspaces with short delivery times and easy assembly.  Vention grew 600% last year and is expected to meet or exceed that growth again in 2019.

Robot27 utilizes Vention to provide sturdy, high-quality components for many of its automation cells.  Vention’s speedy design and delivery windows help us deliver solutions faster than ever.  They even have the entire Universal Robots product line integrated into their design interface which makes Vention the perfect compliment for your collaborative robots.  If you have a project that requires a custom aluminum extrusion, Robot27 can provide the guidance you need to make sure your first Vention creation is a successful one.

Ready to learn more about Vention?  Stay tuned…  We are going to feature Vention in a future edition of our Waypoint newsletter. In the meantime, check out some of the cool designs featured by Vention in their product gallery:

Dual UR5 Workstation - Universal Robots
Dual UR5 Workstation – Universal Robots
Overhead 7th axis for UR Cobot - Walt Industries, Inc.
Overhead 7th axis for UR Cobot – Walt Industries, Inc.
Drilling Station for Automotive Applications
Drilling Station for Automotive Applications