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Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

Issue Number 5

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Universal Robots provide the answer for the Ford paint shop

As more and more players enter the collaborative robotics industry, Universal Robots continues to stand out from the pack. Ford Motor Company – long time user of traditional automation and heavy industrial robots – now trusts UR’s cobots to automate some of their production processes. While cobots are not direct replacements for all traditional industrial robots, they can be used in many more applications than most manufacturers would expect.

Ford demonstrates UR’s cobots meet the challenges of industrial automation and will ensure a consistent quality finish to its Fiesta models.

During the production process, Fiesta auto bodies are bathed in a corrosion protection solution. The bodies then require meticulous sanding to remove small flecks that are left behind. These surface inconsistencies are unseen to the naked eye and can only be detected by touch. Fitted with special robotic arms and a precise program, the operation is now performed by six cobots in 35 seconds, allowing humans to focus their time on higher-value tasks. Ford is said to be considering employing cobots in other facilities such as Valencia, Spain, and Craiova, Romania.

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“The cobots can feel when more force needs to be applied, just like we can…”

Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

Soft Robotics mGrip Gripper

Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

Softrobotics mGrip mini fingers. Fast. Nimble. Precise.

Today, there are literally hundreds of grippers to choose from when setting up an automated cobot’s workspace. The choice can be especially challenging when you have multiple different parts to pick up. Recently, we had a chance to demo an mGrip-series pneumatic gripper made by Soft Robotics which is the perfect marriage of flexibility and durability. For those not familiar with grippers in general, you can check out our beginner’s guide to picking the right gripper for your cobot.

One of the most impressive aspects of the mGrip is its modular design. Each gripper is customizable – from the length of the flexible gripper fingers to the number of finger pairs that are mounted to the robot.

With Soft Robotics’ easy-to-use URCap software component, programming the grip strength, finger stroke, and more is a breeze.

With mGrip, there’s no need for sensor calibration. Its flexible fingers conform to the product being picked each time that product is picked up which eliminates the need for complex sensors during operation. We found that mGrip was easily capable of picking up differently shaped and sized objects with ease without needing to change the configuration of the gripper. mGrip’s flexibility is already being leveraged to package finished goods, pick up food items, and more. Check out some of the possibilities in the video below:

Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

Robot27 Hosts Grand Opening

On August 27, 2019, Robot27 officially launched its new facility in the Irvine Research Center in grand fashion. Over 120 vendors, customers, friends and colleagues celebrated with us during the five-hour event.

Visit our post that contains more details and a video and photo gallery.

Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5
Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5
Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

Universal Robots Introduces the UR16e — Their Strongest Cobot Yet

On November 19, Universal Robots surprised the automation world with an announcement – the UR16e is here! UR continues to lead the way in collaborative industrial robots with its newest addition to the e-Series lineup. Similar in footprint and reach as a UR5e, the new UR16e is capable of lifting up to 16 kilograms (that’s more than 35 pounds) to handle more robust pick-and-place and machine tending applications. The addition of this new cobot allows UR to compete in new markets previously untouched by cobots. You can read more about the UR16e here on the Universal Robots website.

Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

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Waypoint Newsletter – Issue 5

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