Universal Robots at ATX West 2019

Every year in early February, the largest manufacturing expo in the West convenes at the Anaheim Convention Center for three action-packed days.  With nearly 2,000 exhibitors and over 21,000 attendees, ATX West 2019 showcases the latest and the greatest in manufacturing and automation.  Universal Robots cobots were at many booths throughout the Convention Center demonstrating various software and hardware products for a wide range of applications.  Some of the most innovative applications were hosted at UR’s own booth at the show.  In fact, UR’s booth secured the #2 spot on the Industrial Equipment News’ Top 5 Technologies List For ATX West 2019.

The first product featured in UR’s booth was a CNC interface designed for UR cobots by Versabuilt, a Certified Systems Integrator.  Versabuilt’s demonstration showed how CNC machine tending could be achieved with an easy-to-program tool-changing and integrated CNC machine control with just a few selections from their software interface.

Next to Versabuilt at UR’s booth was Visumatic‘s automated screw driving application.  With automatic fastener feeders, delivery confirmation, and support for multiple different screw-driving routines, Visumatic offered an elegant solution to automate repeatable fastener driving.

Also in UR’s booth was XPAK with a solution called ROBOX, a cardboard box assembling system.  By entering the dimensions of the cardboard box into the cobot’s software interface, ROBOX would pick up a fresh, unassembled box from the supply pile, fold it, and tape it together all in just a few seconds.  After passing through ROBOX, boxes were ready to be filled with myriad finished goods.

In total, more than 13 different booths at the show had a Universal Robots cobot in their display.  Each showed off UR’s ease of programming and safety operating around literally thousands of spectators.

Featured Image modified from its original format: Tuxyso / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0